Wood Footbath

Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh
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Wood Footbath
Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh,
Published 1 month ago


Footbaths are used extensively in Spa, Beauty Salons, Sauna Centers, Hotel or in the family. In particular, you can soak feet with essential oils, mineral salts or herbs to help your feet reduce fatigue, aches and pains bring you better sleep and deeper. Therefore, please immediately furnish your wooden foot basin as well as foot bath basin to feel the benefits of this product.
Wooden foot baths (wooden feet) are usually made of pine wood or Vietnam HINOKI wood. These are all precious woods and have certain effects when you soak in them.
Wooden foot baths: Known as a device that is used extensively in spas, salons, saunas, hotels or homes. Why do people use wooden foot spa basin without any other material? Because of the wood content is high oil content should bring many benefits such as: Deodorant, help spirit of comfort, disinfection, ... In addition, wood has a natural aroma to feel comfortable and close to people. use.

Wooden foot baths help you have a deep sleep:
After a stressful and exhausting working day, you just want to relax. And when you soak in the foot bath, the blood will be circulated to the brain more, the muscles are resting, the whole body is warmed up. Combined with the oil content of the wooden foot spa basin will give you a sense of calm, relaxed.
Soaking feet in wooden tub soaking tubs enhances metabolism between organs:
+ Soaking feet cause body temperature increases, leading to the body's organs are stimulated. Therefore, the secretion system, digestive system, immune system enhance the activity.
+ To prevent and support the treatment of some diseases, you can use wood foot spa tub and herbs, essential oils from nature.
+ Soak feet only affect the legs, but it also affects the whole body. So, why do not you try dipping your feet in Thanh Truc's wooden footbath tub. You will feel the novelty that pedicure wooden bathtubs bring.
+ Wooden foot basin is made of treated pine wood, which helps to use durable in wet environment.
+ The natural woody smell of the wooden foot bath creates a sense of closeness to nature, friendly to all objects.
+ Wooden footwell has a reasonable design and weight for easy movement and cleaning after use.
+ The size of pedicure spa basin suitable for people feet easy to bring relaxation, comfortable foot soak.
The use of wooden foot spa basins combined with essential oils, mineral salts and natural herbs not only helps to relax, relieve stress, bring back good health to the feet, but also actively supports preventive and conditioning. Treating many kinds of illnesses.
+ Wooden foot spa is suitable for Spa, Beauty Salon, Beauty Salon, Nails Salon, Sauna - Massage Center, Hotel and Household.

About us:
We – VietDelta Goods Ltd. – take this opportunity to introduce you ourselves as a leading Reliable Exporter of “wooden footbath”, with high quality, competitive price that are extensively used in Vietnam. We use the best quality raw materials to meet the customers’ request.
We have many good relationships with many stable and local producers in Vietnam to ensure high quality, varied quantity that are based on the customers’ demand.
We are exporting our products to many countries such as USA, EU…

Address: 20/5 Dinh Bo Linh Street, Ward 24, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)
Phone: (08) 35119589, 35119579
Fax: (08) 35119559
Website: http://www.vdeltagoods.com
Type: Manufacturer
Markets: National & International


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